Interconnected Living Academy with Kym Chi

Creating and sharing accessible, holistic, transformational techniques, encouraging a more empowered, connected and conscious culture.

Because you know there has to be a better way!

Move beyond surviving to thriving!

Live in a meaningful way while caring for the earth, people and the future generations!

It is actually possible.

Kym Chi offers a variety of courses on holistic living. Sign up for a free introductory classes or more in depth low cost programs about Permaculture, Herbalism, Homesteading, Energy work and more! Courses are offered both in person on the west coast of Turtle Island and online, making them available to anyone in the world!


Please check out both the free and low cost courses we offer!

Free Online Classes

Sign up for introductory courses and webinars at no cost.
– Introduction to Permaculture
– Introduction to Herbal Preparations
– Introduction to Herbal First Aid

In Person Classes & Programs

Sign up to study in person. Immerse yourself with site visits, integrative activities, learning games and hands on activities.
– Activation Days
– Permaculture Design Certification Courses
– Pacific Rim College Diploma Program

Online Programs

Sign up for a variety of low cost, in depth programs online and accessible from anywhere in the world!
– Permaculture Design Certification Course
– Plant Allies and Herbal Preparations Course

Why learn with Interconnected Living?

I am a down to earth, straightforward facilitator who has a passion for sharing a love of life with others in a safe, accessible and creative way.

I have a lot of embodied experience, along with a vast educational background that is continuously growing. I see myself on a learning journey just like everyone else – I will share what I know and will never claim to know it all!

I pride myself on offering high quality, low cost, collaborative, practical learning experiences!

Learn holistic approaches to personal and planetary wellness.
Create more resilience for you, your family and community.
Become more present and feel more empowered in your daily life.
Live a more balanced and integrated life.
Develop a deeper relationship with the natural rhythms and cycles of life.
Create healthier patterns.
Take risks to live more joyfully, in alignment with your core values.
Learn practical steps to turn your dreams and visions into a reality.


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Meditation Starter Kit – $7

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Body Scan Meditation – $15

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Balancing Meditation – $8

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About Me

Hi, I’m Kym Chi

I am an uninvited settler on the unceded and stolen lands of the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Peoples, neighbouring with the shíshálh Nation. I am grateful to be able to be on these sacred lands and am dedicated to decolonizing myself and creating right relations.

From a young age, I felt like something was wrong, like we could be doing better. I often felt stuck, without the answers needed to make real change. At first I became angry, then I became a seeker. I have been on a learning adventure ever since, looking for ways to live differently. I have picked up many different strategies for living a fruitful life, with a deep respect for nature and the universe. I have learned both from personal life experiences and from taking many courses and classes from amazing teachers and friends. Now, I live a life that I truly love and I am continuing to learn and develop an intricate and interconnected relationship with all life. I feel very privileged to be able to learn so much in my life, it only feels right for me to share what has been given with other seekers like me. It is a passion for me to enhance my understanding of the world through the mentoring of others on their learning adventures. It is a joy to support others in deepening their relationships with the land and inspiring them in creating thriving lives and encouraging them to do what they love.

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