The wisdom of nature is at our finger tips and all that we need to do to access it is to ask, listen, receive and give back.

Welcome to Herbal Preparations and Plant Allies!  I am so excited to share my passion for Plants and Natural medicine with you.  My life has been greatly improved by a connection with plants whether it be from growing them, spending time with them to making healing preparations.

I have felt a calling to work with plants since I was a teenager and have cultivated my connection with them through personal experience, self study and from taking courses with some amazing herbalists and Permaculturists.  Now, it feels like the right time to share what I know with others.

The goal of this course is to empower people to be able to develop a relationship with plants and to take their health and wellness into their own hands by learning just how easy it is to make herbal preparations.

In almost every class we will learn at least one preparations and about at least one plant in depth.

This is meant to be fun and interactive and I hope that you might consider making the medicine alongside with me!  

I will be sending out more information closer to the program start.

I am so grateful and joyed to learn with you soon!

In heart, 

Kym Chi