Welcome to the program! I am looking forward to our first session on March 24th!  I am excited to meet you all and explore the joy of Herbal Medicine.

You will see that I am releasing the supplementary information for the first class.  Please note that I will be going over everything in the sheets during class (and more) so please do not be concerned if something is not yet clear. I just know that some people learn better when the material reviewed in advance.

Also, please be aware that you will not need to have all of the materials or menstruums listed right away, there is plenty of time to gather these over the course of the program. Keep in mind that while I fully encourage you to make medicine along with me in class, if you cannot gather materials and ingredients in time for each class, recipes are given and you can re watch recordings at your leisure to review when you want to make something.

I have listed a large number of resources as well.  I will be highlighting different books in each class so that you can see which ones might be of the best use for you and your needs.  In the first class, I will recommend a couple of my top choices that you may want to purchase sooner than later, however please note that there are no required texts for the class.  I will be providing all written material that is required.  I have shared a “full” version of the written materials available for download below. Note that there may be additions as we go through the program.

Recordings will be available usually within 24 hours of each class, but may take up to 48 hours to appear. 

If you have any questions before the course start, please email kym@gigglingchitree.com

Looking forward to starting this adventure with you all!